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|  2018

Aircducation is part of a wider Research and Innovation project called “Health and Air Quality: knowing, understanding and acting according to good practices” and supported by a consortium of 19 partners led by the University of Paris-Est Créteil and Airparif. The project aims to :

- Bring an evolution of citizens’ practices (especially high school and middle school students) related to air quality and the preservation of the environment

- Highlight and vulgarize recent knowledge issued from scientific researches on these themes.


Players are immersed in a digital roleplay experience and are led to investigate common preconceptions about air quality.

Each module corresponds to a specific investigation and learning objective. The story takes place in 2021, in a fictional city called Sylph, capital of the Republic of Aquilon well known for its History, heritage and tradition of innovation. But, as Sylph is hit by a new air pollution crisis, citizens are facing multiples sources of information. Fake news proliferate due to the action of lobbies and are shared blithely on social medias, partisan traditional medias or Aquilonian celebrities. According to these sources, smog clouds and urban citizen's respiratory problems are nothing but sporadic problems without relation to air pollution whatsoever. As for the sea level rise and global warming, both are considered fake theories. Simultaneously, other medias and influencers don't put in doubt the consequences of air pollution on people's health. However, they tend to promote inefficient practices to face the problem. This disinformation has a significant impact on citizen's opinions and behaviors as citizens get, at best, confused about the problem and the contradictory advices they receive. Some citizens struggle to set the record straight. The player is one of them.

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