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Esprit de Service 2 - the town
Esprit de Service 2 - brief
Esprit de Service 2 - The fire
Esprit de Service 1 - dialogue
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Customers' service attitudes
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Seasons 1 and 2
|  September 2014   |   January 2016

Esprit de Service is the first serious social game to be deployed in a corporate environment and to focus on soft skills. Launched in September 2014, the game lasted 5 weeks and required only 5 minutes a day. It was first spread in the French division of AXA among 11 000+ employees including the company’s top management. It was later translated and spread internationally.


Every day, players could manage a specific case and start a dialogue with virtual clients, each of them having their specific traits, needs, ways to express themselves and expectations. The daily case was introduced with a brief, explaining the situation the client faces and how she came to contact her insurance company. Provided cases were realistic and chosen to mirror actual difficult situations a client could face (life insurance, fire in a client’s business premises). The purpose of the game was to help (already experienced) insurance agents from AXA to improve their customer care skills. Game mechanics were implemented to enhance the player’s experience including: a collection of achievement, a feature to share bonus between players, a satisfaction gauge to visualize the satisfaction level of each client through the game, etc.


Upon completion of an activity, the player accesses a feedback screen where all her mistakes are commented and analyzed. The purpose of this screen is to help the player understand what her mistakes were and how she can avoid them next time. The player can also download a practical guide containing examples and good practices related to customer service.

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