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The Greens
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EnergyCat, the shop
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|   February 2015

EnergyCat is the serious game associated with the EnerGAware H2020 project. The main objective of EnerGAware is to reduce energy consumption in households by changing positively players’ energy-consumption behaviors with a serious game. The game experience is directly linked to the players’ actual energy consumption through the installation and use of smart meters in the game pilot users’ homes. Eventually, the game is scheduled to be deployed on a large scale along the spread of communicating electricity meters.

EnerGAware is a Research and Innovation project funded up to the value of 2M€ by the European Union as part of the Horizon2020 program in the “Energy Efficiency” call.



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EnergyCat, the shop

If a player wants to customize her house, the shop is the place to go !