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Linky - screenshot of the game
An electrical appliance runs during
|  2016

For Enedis (formerly ERDF) Champagne-Ardenne, we created a Smartphone game aiming to raise children’s awareness about themes related to the energy consumption of electrical appliances.


During the design process, we asked pupils from the Aube (10) department in France to choose the design of the main character. The pupils also participated to a Level Design Workshop during which they received basic information about the energy consumption of various ordinary electrical appliances.

In the game, the player plays a superhero whose mission is to absorb the kilowatt hours of several electrical appliances in order to help their owners make energy savings. The superhero’s journey is full of dangers: defective appliances such as plug sockets or broken appliances might very well appear. Our hero mustn’t make contact with these, lest he fails to accomplish his mission.

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