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Logo de Smartn, solution de simulation d'objets connectés


Smartn is a virtual showcase platform that enables you to experiment your connected objects and smart technologies.

In a fully customizable and upgradeable 3D virtual house, experiment with connected objects offered in the virtual shop. Get familiar with the different interfaces of these objects. Get captivated by their efficiency.

Are you a creator or a distributor of connected objects? With Smartn, give more visibility to your products and give your future users the opportunity to test and to learn how to use your objects in realistic conditions.

In Smartn, a player can customize her home by buying objects in the shop and placing them wherever she wants. In the shop, she can find all types of items including various decorative objects (floor tiles, wallpapers, outdoor tiles, etc.).

Available electronic devices are described in terms of energetic performance and energy consumption. The player can therefore compare directly several appliances and devices and choose in accordance with her needs.

Smartn, a connected objects simulation tool : interface
Smartn, a connected objects simulation tool : daily missons

As she progresses, the player will have the opportunity to improve the insulation of her house, realizing, while she is at it, the positive and tangible impact of a well-insulated house on her energy consumption. She will also be able to expand her house. Six variants of houses are made available including one-story and two-story houses.

Smartn offers missions that the player is free to accept or decline. With these missions, she learns simple actions and tips for a lesser and/or more efficient energy consumption. Missions are also an opportunity to introduce the smart objects made available in the game and to describe their functioning. The player learns step-by-step how to operate an object and discovers its benefits.

During her missions, the player can be asked to visit her neighbors. In their home, she will notice her neighbors evolve and adopt more energy-saving behaviors. From an energy-intensive home, the player’s neighbors will move towards an energy-efficient one. 

In Smartn, the player experiments! She can program various appliances such as thermostats, washing-machines, dishwashers and, through this, realize directly the impact of her choices on her energy consumption and comfort. A heating system is also managed and the player is provided with several tools to reach an optimal temperature in her home: thermostat, radiators, curtains, etc.

Smartn, a connected objects simulation tool : a connected object
Smartn, a connected objects simulation tool : the shop
Smartn, a connected objects simulation tool : day/night cycle




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